Monday, February 10, 2014

A baptism for the books

Milo turned eight in the beginning of January! It's so strange and happy to have arrived at this point in life with one of our children. 

 This is the picture I used for his baptism announcement. I kind of just remembered recently that I have a really nice 85mm lens so it's portraits all day every day around here!
 Baptism day!  

 This is an example of when a camera tells the truth. I swear the outfit looked cute in the mirror guys.

 So, Milo's baptism day was pretty funny. It was not smooth sailing. He went under the water three times. The first time Jamie was nervous and could only think of the words in Chinese and missed some of the words. Then he did it right and they got out of the font but a family friend thought he had his hands wrong. Most everyone thought it was fine but to be safe, they did it again. Milo was shivering and said "Again?" really loudly. Ha. Since then we have decided it wasn't necessary but it's okay and makes for a great story. The really funny (horrifying) part came when Jamie was getting dressed afterward and realized his suit pants were still at home! I almost died when he walked out of the dressing room in his jeans. But there was nothing to be done. He confirmed Milo and conferred the gift of the Holy Ghost wearing his jeans. Texas-style. Or, as Jamie likes to say, 80s detective style. Awesome.

 These cute cousins and sister sang the sweet musical number, "He Sent His Son."

 Grandpa Gerald and Golden. Say that three times fast.

 My mom and dad.
 Jamie's mom and stepdad.

 We bought a giant confetti party popper to celebrate.
 It's not a celebration without a good Pearl meltdown.

We had such wonderful family and friend support for Milo on this important day and felt so much love. I'm ready to do it again in a year or so!

I like him

Monday, January 13, 2014

goldie freddie

(From this morning.)

The Golden child is 7 months old. He enjoys 15-minute power naps, pulling hair, feeding himself, baths, and humming. He does not enjoy the Bumbo, sitting still, or being held by anyone besides his mom. We all bend over backwards for him and love every minute of it.

His mother wishes she could write more interesting blog posts but she is always racing against the nap time clock. Plus, she's tired. "Times and seasons!" is her new mantra.